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Image by Echo Grid


Our mission is to create a network and a community of different shareholders in the textile industries. Joining experts in design, business strategy, finance and marketing, we can overcome any upcoming obstacles of change, to create a better ground for new circular business models.


We believe in progress towards abundance and prosperity for all beings under the Sun. By learning together we can build a better future.

Image by Shane Rounce


We believe in

Integrity and Respect - the basis of our relationships, of what we say, do, and think, towards quality over quantity

Constant development - always evolving and improving ourselves and our service

Teamwork - people are our greatest asset, together we can make a greater impact

Startup mindset - ethusiasm, forward thinking and commitment to succeed

Keep it simple - instead of overthinking, even the most complicated issues can be tackled one step at a time by keeping it simple

Fun - enjoy what you do, don't forget to put a little fun in it

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