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Your partner in the Circular Economy

Unknot provides tailored design solutions for the fashion industry, aiming to reduce textile waste and drive sustainability in the industry. Our mission is to help companies create and develop their designs in the most efficient and cost-effective way. We specialize in leveraging the latest technology and tools to help factory-representing designers create and develop new-era products for the Circular Economy model. Our services range from pattern design and prototyping to consultation. We strive to provide comprehensive services that help our clients reduce their textile waste while staying ahead of the competition.

As the Circular Economy is growing to be a lot more than just a buzzword, we want to help industry leaders get there sooner to create a new reality of what it means to be a manufacturer.

Waste will soon be something of a forgotten concept as in the Circular Economy none of it exists.



Product designer Kaisa Krusenberg with c


It all started with Kaisa, whose passion of post-industrial textile waste had always been the starting point of creating fashion and interior design. Vast amounts of unused and forgotten materials were something that made her eyes sparkle every time she went on a hunt of new ideas. 

One day, after learning for years with professor and fashion designer Reet Aus, one of pioneers in sustainable fashion, a group of master's degree design students, including Kaisa, went to Chennai, India, to Aruna Clothing Company for an internship.

Interviewing and analysing the company's textile waste in their operations as much as developing products out of the left-over materials for industrial manufacturing was something of an ahhaa moment for Kaisa.

What if this was beyond an experimental and educational programme?

Product designer Kaisa Krusenberg with a

After coming back from India there have been several factories coming forward with a similar issue - what to do with textile waste in the warehouse? It was clear that this needs to be a team effort and not a one-time freelancer project.

Joining a start-up event, Kaisa formed a team of talented students from different backgrounds and the journey of building Unknot began.

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